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“La la la! You whaaaaaaaat?!” – from “Silly Jack”

Watch Harry encourage silliness with this appreciative group of children, most of whom he had met just a few moments before taping.

He conducts a phonetic Q&A word game, then launches into the story of “Silly Jack”, an old chestnut made crunchy and new with Harry’s vivid characterizations and solid comedy chops. Some ridiculous banter with the kids follows the story.

Harry is an award-winning actor, writer, solo performer, and professional storyteller. He tells stories of all kinds for all ages. Someone observed that his charisma would work on television, and urged him to make his talent more visible; hence this video.

Harry and that someone, Dwight R. Williams, welcome your ideas.
Thank you to the hosts, children, and parents who helped to make this light-hearted little gem sparkle.

Contact info:
Dwight R. Williams, Executive Producer

Harry Hart-Browne, Storyteller


“Special Delivery”
is a 20 character
one-man-play about remembering the Spirit while doing the
Earth gig.

Harry’s excited! He has just been cast in a new play!
The director, however, is his Higher Self and the play is this lifetime on Earth.
Will Harry get trapped in his role, or will he remember his spirit?

"Special Delivery" was a Keynote Performance at Asilomar '08:
The United Centers for Spiritual Living Annual Community Retreat.
It was also the Keynote Performance at the Southeast Conference of Unity Ministers, and was listed as one of the most popular Unity presentations,
along with those of Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra.
It has toured the U.S. three times, and is performed in a wide variety of venues.

See Performance History for more.

On this site, you can learn about upcoming performances, see a video preview of the show and purchase a DVD of a live performance.   You can also view Harry's Acting Reel, and meet the show's "cast".
Directly below, you'll find contact info and testimonials.
  Thanks for visiting!

If you have questions, comments or interest in booking a performance,
please contact Harry at harryhartbrowne@verizon.net

or at 310-455-0069
Rev. Steven Van Meter,
Booking Associate: 818-437-6829



“Theatrically savvy…A charming and enlightening evening…He builds the magic and then captures us totally…This is a deceptively deep show, and this actor truly deserves his standing ovations.”
– Frontiers Magazine

“Very funny.”
- The Whole Life Times

““Special Delivery” is emotional, comical…universal. If you have the opportunity to see “Special Delivery”, take the time to do so.”
- The Topanga Messenger

“Harry Hart-Browne unravels a sincere, heartfelt and artfully crafted tale…By midway through, the sharp poignant points of insight and heart begin to arise and increase, building confidently to a strong climax. You’ll be amused, sympathetic, and then “pop”…you’ll feel a sudden urge to hold your hand on your heart or squeeze out a tear.”
- Ross Anthony’s Hollywood Report Card

“Delightful and uplifting.”
– On The Purple Circuit Theatre Newsletter

“Hart-Browne has an ingenuous warmth… humorous…sparks laughter.
He has enough energy and enough gift with character voices to fill any sized stage all by himself …The show has a genuine charm…”Special Delivery” is heartfelt…It contains a sincere spiritual understanding…may provide some in the audience with a new way of looking at their place in the universe…
If you’re curious, or looking for a few answers of your own, this show couldn’t hurt, and it might help.”

- The Pasadena Star-News

“Through Harry’s presentation, we are given an idea of just how Spirit might work on a day-to-day basis in our own lives.
Treat yourself to an insightful night out…”

-The Messenger

"Special Delivery", fluidly constructed using fantasy elements to underline human realities, was an utter delight. Written and performed by the magical Harry Hart-Browne…with the actor totally in control of his instrument and ideals. Quite funny. It's a charming hour or so, enlightened by Mr. Hart-Browne's expert rendition of joy and Mr. Bringelson's dramatic solidity.
- Stage Happenings

"Exciting. Not to be missed. "Special Delivery", written and performed by Harry Hart-Browne features over 20 characters, all played by one enormously talented actor…He eloquently presented a dialogue that most of us face daily. The adventure unfolds in a comedic and sometimes sad way with heartfelt realism. As his story unfolds, the audience is caught up…showed the actor portraying a great sense of bravery in sharing so much, and these impassioned performances are a wonderful way to spend an evening."
- Hollywood Star

“Here is a one-man-show that is a delight, written and acted by a fine and sensitive being named Harry Hart-Browne.
It is a treat.  See for yourself, and enjoy!"

- the late Anne Francis, Golden Globe winner, Emmy nominated actress (Honey West, Forbidden Plant, The Twilight Zone, Blackboard  Jungle, Bad Day at Black Rock, etc. / author (“Voices From Home, An Inner Journey”)

“You’re the best!  I just wanted to tell you how magical and amazing that I thought your performance was at Asilomar.  I was so touched by your creative spirit and the gift you gave us by sharing it.  You must be seen!!!"
- Pamela Sue Martin, actress (Dynasty, The Poseidon Adventure,
The Nancy Drew Mysteries, etc.) / author (“The Spirit of the Matter")

“When you watch a performer give everything he’s got, delivering the goods with overwhelming joy, you’re watching Harry. And damned lucky.”
- Billy Gray, Emmy nominated actor (“Father Knows Best”,
the original “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, etc .)
inventor / motorcycle racer

"You were brilliant.  The writing is so intriguing, complicated, yet simple.
Your character work was as good as I've ever seen.   I loved it!   
So unique and frankly BRILLIANT! Thanks for entertaining me!"

- Del Shores, award winning director, writer: "Blues for Willadean" film starring Beth Grant, Dale Dickey, Academy Award-winner Octavia Spencer, creator of "Sordid Lives" (play, film, TV series), "Daddy's Dyin'...Who's Got the Will" (play and film), "Yellow", "Southern Baptist Sissies" "Cheatin'", TV writer/producer: "Queer As Folk", Dharma and Greg", "Touched by an Angel", etc.

"Harry "Heart" Browne's "Special Delivery" takes us on a Spiritual and Emotional ride from the Cosmos to Earth and back. His energetic and precise performance of multiple characters from God, (yes I said God), to Angels, Fairies, Teachers, Parents, Saints, Sinners, and his own Fragmented Personalities becomes a theatrical romp from shy childhood, to love starved adulthood, to ultimate "Wholeness and Light." I highly recommend the show for it's message and Harry's dazzling performance!"
- John DiFusco, creator of critically acclaimed Vietnam play, "Tracers." www.johndifusco.com

"This is phenomenal. I am awed. Harry Hart-Browne is truly an artist whose art is figuring out life itself. His extraordinary one-man-show tells us - in multiple voices - what makes us tick, and tickles us in the telling. To be profound and fun at the same time is a neat trick, and Hart-Browne is a mighty neat trickster."
- Marsha Hunt, actress ("Pride and Prejudice", "The Human Comedy", "Valley of Decision", "Cry 'Havoc'", "Panama Hattie", "Blossoms in the Dust", "Raw Deal", etc.)
winner, the Eleanor Roosevelt Humanitarian Award,
author, "The Way We Wore" http://www.altfg.com/blog/actors/marsha-hunt/,
CD producer, "Tony London: Songs from the Heart with the Page Cavanaugh Trio" http://cdbaby.com/cd/tonylondon

“Harry was incredible. The play left me shaking. I’m still processing the meaning. It was awesome and courageous of him to expose all parts of himself and share with an audience in a way that few would risk. It put me in contact with the pieces in myself that I have not fully integrated. No performance EVER has affected me the way “Special Delivery” did. I watched him bounce from a moment of complete emptiness with tears behind the eyes to a jokester with a smile on his face. How does he do that? The man is a genius.”
- Rabbi Saul Jacob Rubin, Savannah, GA

“The most exciting piece I’ve seen all year. Once again, this performance art pioneer reinvents theatre with a unique mixture of heart and art.”
- Robert Patrick, playwright, Broadway’s “Kennedy’s Children”

“When I drove home I just sobbed.  This is so important.  You just make it so clear, Harry.  Everyone needs to see this play every day.  I do.  It’s just so delicious.
I cannot thank you deeply enough."

Jane Marla Robbins - Author / Actress / Coach,

“In this amazing one-man-show, Harry Hart-Browne took us on a virtual roller-coaster ride through his own life passages, returning us safely to our seats, and all the better for it. Joyful, sobering, intimate, disquieting, enchanting – Harry shakes us and wakes up the creative nature in us all! “Special Delivery” is a gift that keeps on giving…Thank you, Harry!”
- Mary Beth Speer, Co-Pastor, DuPage Center for Spiritual Living, Illinois

“”Special Delivery” is a phenomenon of Cosmic Dimensions.
It captured every heart. I found myself laughing, crying and changed.”

- Rev. Ken Murdock, Unity of Ft. Myers, Florida

– Steven R. Van Meter, RScP, Associate Director of Special Events,
United Church of Religious Science

“Amazing. Brilliantly conceived and beautifully performed. The ideas in this piece have stayed with me and have helped me.”
Laura Whitney, Co-Founder of The Sage Mountain School

“It is illuminated by the author’s sharp writing and keen spiritual insights.
It is alternately hilarious and deeply touching. The play is also extremely well directed, the multiple characters are each sharply delineated, and the piece is
well paced. In addition it displays a highly skilled actor in total control of his craft. The fact that all of the above are the work of one man, Harry Hart-Browne, makes “Special Delivery” a remarkable achievement.
I cannot recommend it highly enough!”

-Bryan Miller, Musical Director of the Foothill Center of Religious Science

““Special Delivery” casts a spell of wonderment upon the audience. This tightly paced, brilliantly well-written show packs more joy, laughter, genuine heart, and jaw-dropping epiphanies into its 60 minute running time than many a good season on Broadway…Hart-Browne is a deft and polished performer with timing that could split an atom. I left the theatre happier to be alive.”
– Libbe S. HaLevy, M.A., award-winning playwright of “Shattered Secrets”

““Special Delivery” charms with both remarkable theatre craft and the healing message of powerful and joyous spirit. Harry’s skills as an actor and writer amaze me. The message he relays provides the ever-needed encouragement we all need to overcome our personal critics and get out on the stage of our lives to do our own good work.”
-Rev.Ricky Hoyt, Unitarian Universalist Church, La Crescenta, CA

“Profoundly moving and hilariously entertaining.
I saw the play three times, and each time the performance was magnificent.”

- Rev. Margee Grounds, Unity Church of Savannah, GA

" 'Special Delivery' is inspiring, insightful and profoundly healing
as well as incredibly entertaining. As I watched through tears and laughter, 
I felt the tenderness of coming home to myself."

- Vicki Dello Joio, author, "The Way of Joy",

“The only word I can use to describe “Special Delivery” is POWERFUL.
A spiritual message that I have not experienced before in theatre style.
You are an extremely talented actor and your sincerity about your message comes through loud and clear. I highly recommend your performance. ”

- Rev. Ron Neff, Unity Christ Church, St. Petersburg, FL Unity

“I’m blown away. It’s very illuminating.
This needs to be seen now. People need to experience this.”

- Judith Morse, acting teacher, creator of The Communicator’s Tool Kit

“I laughed and I cried and I caught my breath!
Everyone who cares where their life is going needs to see this play.”

- Jo Ann Banks, Chairman Religious Services Committee,
Unitarian Universalist Church of the Verdugo Hills, CA

“The beauty and integrity of your show was very moving to me. You bring to your work a wonderful blend of glorious imagination and hardcore skill which I find exhilarating and inspiring. There you are, with your body and awesome talent and riveting story and it all works seamlessly. What bravery! It’s no wonder you healed yourself, but it’s a great gift that you heal us in the bargain.”
- Tony Abatemarco, award-winning actor/writer/director,
creator of Off-Broadway’s “Cologne”

“In essence, this play teaches us how to love ourselves.”
- Robbyn Peterson, Certified Hypnotherapist

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